Tonghua Tonghua wine: what should we do if we can't finish the open wine?
Treatment method 1: use the refrigerator cold storage method
The temperature of the refrigerator is lower than that of the outside world, and the cold temperature bacteria are not easy to cause the wine to deteriorate, so putting the cork of the original wine back into the refrigerator can also slow down the deterioration of the wine, but we should pay attention to a few points. when we open the wine, the wine is already in contact with the air, and when the stopper re-plugs the bottle, there is already air in the bottle, which is already bad for the wine. So we have to put the wine in the refrigerator and keep it in an upright position, instead of putting it down and letting the wine touch the stopper directly, this behavior will lead to a change in the taste of the wine, which must be noted, and when the wine is taken out, let it be restored to the same temperature as the room, each wine has its own suitable temperature to drink, otherwise the taste of the wine will be different.
Open red wine treatment method. Treatment method 2: the method of extracting air from the bottle
Tonghua Tongjiu Wine Co., Ltd.: treatment method 3: use smaller bottles

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