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1998 cellar

The product is deep ruby red, crystal clear and transparent, with the unique fragrance and fruity aroma of mountain grape, making the wine more fragrant and full-bodied.
Select raw materials to produce rich and fruity aromas
Sweet Hongshan wine, which is refined by traditional technology and modern extraction brewing and aged in oak barrels for many years.

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The company is located in the Changbai Mountains, with low accumulated temperature, fertile land, abundant rainfall and unique brewing environment, which is praised as the hometown of wine by Chinese and foreign experts. A mountain grape base has been established on the outskirts of Ji'an City, Xiaojiangnan City, Jilin Province, forming a production pattern of companies and farmers, promoting the development of rural economy and providing sufficient raw materials for the production of good wine.
The "Tongjiu" series of wines are made from wild mountain grape in Changbai Mountain. The wine is crystal clear, fruity, harmonious, fresh and nutritious. It can be called a good meal for dinner and visiting friends.
Full-bodied taste Translucent and transparent
Using traditional technology and modern extraction brewing.
Address: Tonghua Tongjiu Wine Co., Ltd. is located in Tonghua City, a medium-sized city at the southeast foot of Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province.
Tel: +86 1332 145 1999